• Community Sourced Capital

    Community Sourced Capital

    We build innovative financial systems for communities.

  • Company: Plywerk

    Company: Plywerk

    Let's build capital for companies building local economies.

  • Company: Stockbox Grocers

    Company: Stockbox Grocers

    Capital should work for companies that work for our communities.

  • Meet Team CSC

    Meet Team CSC

    We're working hard to build innovative financial systems for communities.

We build innovative financial systems for communities

We provide loans to small businesses using funds sourced from people in their community.
We have initiated over $370,000 in loans for 23 businesses with support from nearly 2,500 people.

Hey small businesses: You invest in your community. What if they invested in you?

Community Sourced Capital connects you to people who want to see your business succeed. We built a way for communities to lend money to businesses they know and love. CSC is a new way to connect to your customers, discover new friends and transform your business value.

Share your business story with us and we’ll work with you to turn community support into a loan for your growth. CSC provides the technology, marketing and administrative know-how to make borrowing money from the people around you possible.

Get a loan: let’s turn your social capital into financial capital

Hey People: What if you could fund businesses you love and get paid back?

We provide loans to small businesses using capital sourced directly from people in their community. Those businesses run campaigns on this website to raise capital for their loans, and we manage the behind-the-scenes magic that makes this kind of small business lending simple for everyone.

Anyone can take part in funding a loan for a business they choose by purchasing something that we call a Square, a $50 unit of the larger loan we make to a business. Squares are really simple loans and they act like this: $50 loaned and $50 repaid. It’s not a donation. It’s not an investment. It’s a right-sized mechanism for moving money to a business in your community while still getting paid back.

Read more: why our loans are more than loans

Browse new campaigns

Growing up in the Valley

This $7,000 loan finances new computer equipment and a delivery van for a family publishing company.

Roanoke, VA

Embellish Salon

This $6,000 loan finances equipment and inventory for the re-opening of a salon.

Tacoma, WA


This $15,000 loan finances the final touches on a new, delicious, gluten-free bakery.

Seattle, WA

Canine Adventure

This $15,000 loan finances the build out of a web platform for a dog walking business.

Richmond, VA

Simple & Crisp

This $20,000 loan finances three new dehydrators for a growing dried fruit company.

Seattle, WA

NEARBY Registry

This $5,000 loan finances a mobile app for a growing local registry company.

Manchester, NH

In Ferment

This $10,000 loan finances equipment for a growing ceramic and fermenting business.

Seattle, WA

Adrift Hotel

This $15,000 loan finances additional solar equipment for a hotel company.

Long Beach, WA


Hey communities: Are you looking for a partner in finance?

Community Sourced Capital’s model works anywhere small businesses are excited to partner with their community of supporters in raising capital.

We provide the platform for businesses in nearly any community to benefit from accessing capital directly from their own network of supporters. That means we’re always on the lookout for community businesses around the country and the people who like to connect them to new opportunities.

Partner with CSC: let’s activate capital in your community

Why we started a small business finance company

Our team is passionate about designing and deploying innovative financial systems. Here’s the deal: finance. It’s a big deal. In fact, we think it’s the biggest “deal” for building a more sustainable economy. That’s why we’re tackling this challenge.

We founded CSC after a year of researching what we call sustainable finance. And then we spent a year building a business model that could make finance more sustainable. We’re starting with a product for small businesses because their access to capital is being left behind by the financial system. We can’t live without them.

The people behind the company: meet Team CSC

Sustainable finance is a fun story to tell: visit our press page

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