Starvation Alley Farms and the Cranberry Juicer


Hello most lovely and patient Squareholders! We are excited to say after 10 long weeks, THE JUICER FINALLY ARRIVED! We did our first pressing today and it was life-changing!! “Geez, It’s just a juicer,” one might think and that’s why we’ve complied, for you, a list of reasons why you made our day!

Top Ten Reasons We Love Our New Juice Press:

1. We saved about $200 today. Not having to drive hundreds of miles to and from Portland, plus the rental fee for the other juicer is going to pay off fast!

2. We saved about 7 hours of our day (Each one of us…that’s 21 hours total!) No 2.5 hour each way drive-time or waiting on other people in the facility to finish using equipment, etc.

3. It’s got upgrades. This new juicer is even more state-of-the-art than the one we were renting. It’s now easier for us to move juice from the press to the bottles. Yeah!

4. If I forget lids or labels or need 20 extra bottles (which I did), so what. I’m right next to our farm where we have almost immediate access to everything we need!

5. We didn’t have to scrap off the dried carrot or worry if our juice might have a hint of ginger. Being able to rent the press we have was great, but it was still a little bit messy to work in a space that’s juicing dozens of different products every day. Having our own space is essential for quality control!

6. I don’t know how much a fish tote weights, but I can tell you how hard it is to lift a 43-pound bag of cranberries into one in the back of a crammed Toyota Tacoma without ripping the dinky freezer bags they’re in–and I did not miss that today!

7. I can see the ocean from our commercial kitchen in Long Beach. No joke.

8. My dogs like the dunes outside our Peninsula commercial kitchen way better than the downtown Portland parking lot. And it’s all about the farm dogs. Everyone knows that, right Rudder?

9. Did we mention we can juice WHENEVER WE WANT! On our schedule, anytime?! What a luxury for our crazy little juice company!

10. When we’re juicing we can feel the love of all 112 of you!!

Thanks so much. Today totally rocked. And we thought about you all. It is things like your support of our juice press that help make running a small businesses a little bit easier, cheaper, faster AND a whole lot more rewarding!

More soon–

Starvation Alley Farmers

February 14, 2013

Just a few months ago, we shared an idea with Community Sourced Capital that, if individuals value a business in their community, they'll be willing to do more than just support the business as customers. You have helped us realize this dream.

In just 23 days, 113 members of our community — friends, family, customers and community members — came together to help finance a $12,000 "big kid" juice press for Starvation Alley Farms. It will allow us to produce over 50% more juice per pound than the juicer we previously owned. Plus, it gives us the flexibility to press cranberries at the farm as many days a month as we need (no more stressful trips to Portland). You've had a hand in taking our business to the next level.

Reviewing our list of Squareholders makes us blush a bit… it's a collection of all our favorite people! Nearly half of you have been to the farm to help out already, and we hope the rest of you will make it out here soon!

We're honored that you like us enough to invest $50 in our future and in the future of organic cranberry farming. As farmers, we don't perceive $50 as a small amount of money. It means more than that. We're so touched that we're working on a little token of appreciation for you.

A big round of applause to you, our wonderful Squareholders! 

         Starvation Alley Farmers — Jared, Jess, Debbie and John

Starvation Alley Farms is a 10-acre transitional organic cranberry farm on the Long Beach Peninsula in Southwest Washington. Of the 1700 acres of cranberries in production in Washington State, we will be the first to be officially USDA certified organic. Impressive, right? Especially since the experts don’t really think it’s possible. It can be done!

Watch this three minute interview of Jared and Jessika by WSU’s Green Times to learn more about their journey to growing organic cranberries:

The Oakes would like to borrow $12,000 for a new Hydraulic Juice Press for the farm’s value-adding efforts. Buying the juicer will save us from making monthly trips to use a juicer in Portland, 110 miles from the farm. Converting our berries from whole berries to juice also increases the price per pound of our product by a factor of ten. Did we mention these are about to be the first organic cranberries in Washington?
Starvation Alley Farms was founded in 2010 by the Oakes family with the belief that cranberries could be grown on the Peninsula without the use of chemicals that are harmful to the unique local watersheds and neighboring families.

We believe that to be successful we need to do more than make a profit. As farmers with our operations right in our backyard, we see the effects of whatever good or bad things we add to our fields and understand first hand the importance of good stewardship. Our goal is to grow fruit that enhances the health and livelihood of the people who enjoy it, our family, our community, and the land that nurtures us.

As brand spankin’ new farmers, we have much to learn. With our second-year harvest completed, we have learned not to get down about the mountains of unknowns or the decrease in yields, and instead count ourselves lucky that we are able even to attempt such a (ad)venture.
Among our many blessings are a giant network of beautiful family and friends that seem to show up on the farm whenever we need them, willing to work in the rain for no pay other than wine and good conversation. We are also fortunate enough to be located in the wonderful Pacific Northwest where a growing number of a people are focused on where their food comes from and what kind of price the environment paid to bring it to their tables.

photography by Giles Clement

incredible photography by Giles Clement

We did it!

This campaign was fully funded on February 10, 2013

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