Il Corvo’s new restaurant “Pizzeria Gabbiano”

Mike Easton of Il Corvo Pasta fame is up to something good, and YOU can be a part of it. Here’s the scoop: Mike and his wife Victoria have noodled together a Roman street pizza concept the likes of which Pioneer Square will be eagerly drooling over soon. Easton sourced a 150 year-old sourdough starter and has been cultivating it into his own magical bitches’ brew over the past several months.

“I believe in quality first, and the traditional hand made way of preparing food.”
     –Owner Mike Easton

Add to that daily batches of hand-pulled mozzarella made in-house along with two standard pies and a few rotating seasonal pies throughout any given day (think Il Corvo-style, driven by what is fresh and fantastic from Seattle’s best markets and produce purveyors), and you have a recipe for pizza-drunk success in every bite. The pizzas themselves are a meter long and as wide as a grown man’s hand, sold by the whole, half, or quarter, effectively introducing Seattle to a cult-worthy new style of pie.

Says Easton of his vision for Pizzeria Gabbiano:

It seems to defy our perception of food, when a pizza dough that has only three visible ingredients can have the depth of favor, the chew, and the and overall satisfaction of a slice pizza you may have in Rome’s Campo De Fiore. That thing you are tasting is not the particular brand of organic flour, or the very specific Sicilian Sea Salt chosen for the recipe, but a more etherial ingredient, that isn’t found on the grocery store shelf.

It’s Time. It’s the ingredient that makes Prosciutto de Parma not just ham, it’s the thing that makes Parmigiano Reggiano more than a basic cheese, it’s the thing that lets a simple combination of flour, water and salt transcend the idea we think of as pizza dough.

The result is a fluffy flat bread, ripe with the flavors of naturally occurring wild yeasts. It has a slight tang form a natural fermentation taking place over several days, a sweetness from the starches in the flour slowly breaking down to natural sugars and a tender chewiness that can only come from taking the time to mix and knead the dough by hand.

About Il Corvo

If you don’t know Il Corvo, Easton’s flagship daytime-only restaurant, you’re going to want to get all up in its business pronto. Recently voted Seattle’s Restaurant of the Year by Eater, Il Corvo shares ingredient-driven, small-batch pasta using traditional Italian handmade methods with an intimate dining roomful of regular devotees daily. Easton is a collector of vintage pasta-making tools, and many of his treasures are on display in the restaurant, both for use and mood. Many diners remark on how stepping into Il Corvo for lunch is like stepping into a trattoria in Italy without the hefty price of the plane ticket, and Easton is crafting the Roman pizzeria menu and vibe with the same ambience in mind.

About the campaign and Community Sourced Capital

Il Corvo is looking to its community to help out in funding a $20,000-$35,000 loan as part of the new restaurant.

Community Sourced Capital provides loans to small businesses using capital sourced directly from people in their community. Businesses like Il Corvo run campaigns on this website to raise capital for their loans, and we manage the behind-the-scenes magic that makes small business lending simple for everyone involved.

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Anyone can take part in funding a loan by purchasing a Square, a $50 unit of the larger loan intended for Il Corvo. Squares are really simple loans and they act like this: $50 loaned and $50 repaid. It’s not a donation. It’s not an investment. It’s a right-sized mechanism for moving money to a business in your community while still getting paid back.

Once you’ve purchased a square, you join a beautiful community of other community funders. You won’t just get one email when you fund a campaign–we’ll keep you up-to-date about the loan you funded and the business you are supporting. You can cash out repayments at any time or recycle them right back into another loan on our website.