A Sports Bar for West Seattle — Let’s launch The Westy

For the last few years, there has been a vacancy of an established, true and proper sports bar in West Seattle. Our vision is to open an upscale, streamlined, sports viewing, dining and cocktail establishment for our neighborhood. What sets us apart is that we are settled into a neighborhood that once had no options for dining without driving miles across town. With a decluttered décor, full kitchen, and a craft cocktail program rivaled by none, we are set to offer the community a one-stop food and entertainment venue.

“We’re trying to make this a destination area in West Seattle.”
     –Owner Shane Whittall

And we’re doing it. Over the last several months, we’ve crafted the vision, and secured the funding to get it started. We have had an open door since inception and have worked with the neighborhood addressing their concerns and welcoming their feedback.

Says the team of their passion for The Westy:

Ask any career bartender, server, or restaurant worker what their endgame is, and each one will tell you to own and operate their own establishment. We are pursuing that dream. We have been hands on from day one; filing permits, designing, tearing down drywall and driving every nail. You aren’t going to find owners more passionate, working to make a living and support their families and pursuing their dreams.

About The Westy

The Westy is a neighborhood gathering place to hangout with your friends, watch sports, and enjoy delicious ballpark style food and drink (there’s also an assortment of games, like skeeball, to keep you entertained). Two and a half years ago, there was nothing but a florist a tanning place and the dry cleaners. Now we will have a nice classy jazz place serving beer and wine, Kenyon Hall with special events, and The Westy for sports and craft cocktails.

About the campaign and Community Sourced Capital

The Westy is looking to its community to help out in funding a $20,000-$40,000 loan as part of the new sports bar. This loan will help supplement the capital already raised to complete The Westy, helping to purchase the necessary equipment and complete the finishing touches to tie the concept together.

Community Sourced Capital provides loans to small businesses using capital sourced directly from people in their community. Businesses like The Westy run campaigns on this website to raise capital for their loans, and we manage the behind-the-scenes magic that makes small business lending simple for everyone involved.

“Buy a Square, finance a great business you love, and get paid back.”

Anyone can take part in funding a loan by purchasing a Square, a $50 unit of the larger loan intended for The Westy. Squares are really simple loans and they act like this: $50 loaned and $50 repaid. It’s not a donation. It’s not an investment. It’s a right-sized mechanism for moving money to a business in your community while still getting paid back.

Once you’ve purchased a square, you join a beautiful community of other community funders. You won’t just get one email when you fund a campaign–we’ll keep you up-to-date about the loan you funded and the business you are supporting. You can cash out repayments at any time or recycle them right back into another loan on our website.