Community sourced capital funding from your community plus engagement

Our community loans are successful when the capital is Useful, Responsible and Connected.

Accessing zero-interest loans from your community works best if you're looking for $5,000 - $50,000 to fund a project for your existing business and you have a connection to people in your community.

Here's the top criteria for a community loan

Useful. You can use $5,000-$50,000 to improve or start your business

Responsible. You can repay a loan in three years and you are happy to be transparent about what's going on in your business with your generous community lenders

Connected. You are trusted in your community of family, friends, customers, and community members and you have established methods of communicating with them.

CSC charges flat fees for our services

The CSC platform charges a one-time $250 fee to launch a campaign. During the repayment of your loan, a flat monthly membership fee of $50 is charged each month until the principal amount of the loan is repaid.

A community loan represents more than just money

Community loans are an amazing way to increase engagement with your current or future customers. A one month campaign on the CSC platform helps you recruit these lenders. We provide a play-by-play toolkit to make the campaign feel simple and easy.


Reasons people love working with Community Sourced Capital

We're proud of the great things our small business members have to say about us:

"The CSC loan was really a terrific thing to help us get going and the campaign was very successful in helping get the word out "

"The amount of financial support that we received was fantastic, but the emotional support it fostered was exponentially more important to me and our business. From my closest friends to complete strangers, the fact that people believed in us was inspiring to say the least."

"We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to participate in this model it is in short amazing for small businesses in underserved areas to have a way to connect with their community and provide mutual benefit."

"CSC had a huge impact on us, and our ability to accomplish what we did, and open our storefront. We've appreciated your flexibility and understanding the challenges of operating a small business. CSC is truly transformative finance."