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Beneficial State Bank is an innovative, triple-bottom line, community development financial institution. Started in 2007, BSB came from a shared vision to start a bank that finances community-based businesses, builds the long-term prosperity of responsible consumers and supports companies that have a commitment to the environment. BSB has a one of a kind ownership structure-- its profits, when distributed, can only be distributed to Beneficial State Foundation to support our communities & environment. By design, the community is the shareholder that BSB serves, not special interests of any one group.

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Providing credit to constructive businesses and non-profits -- especially those boosting entrepreneurial activity in inner cities, following and strengthening wellness models, or reconnecting vital rural/urban dependencies -- is our main business. Credit allows these beneficial activities to grow and scale. We also believe that a healthy environment is the only reliable foundation for economic prosperity. Finally, the Bank must be a catalyst for positive change in our communities by providing fair, transparent, and sustainable banking products and services as alternatives to more predatory practices that otherwise unwind the benefits of our lending practice.

Campaigns supported by Beneficial State Bank's sponsorship


Finalize Development and Launch Linus!

Help us finish development of Linus and get this exciting new resource into the hands of music teachers across the country!


Adventures in cooking at Lovage

Lovage cafe and meal kit company is raising funds to launch our take home meal kits. Our kits include everything to make a fabulous dinner.


Opening Powder Haus in Ballard, The Source For Your Soluble Solutions!

We're opening a new indoor gardening supply shop in Ballard. Help us get the last bit of financing we need to make this dream a reality!


Help Broadcast Coffee update our Central District cafe!

We're improving our space and expanding our menu to bring more fresh food options to the neighborhood.


Bring Pocket Bakery to the Central District

After 9 months of our pop-up bakery, Pocket Bakery, we are ready to move into a brick and mortar space. We need equipment for our bakery.


Bring Parfait's farm-to-cone ice cream to restaurants and groceries!

We're getting licensed as a creamery so we can offer our organic, craft ice cream at corner markets and select restaurants around Seattle.


We're opening a chocolate tasting bar and retail location!

We've found a small street-level shop to be our retail home in Pioneer Square. It needs to be outfitted for tasting and display.


Convoy Coffee at the Impact Hub

Help Convoy Coffee expand upon their bike-pulled coffee carts and open up a permanent indoor cafe inside the Impact Hub.


Culture Club's Commode Crusade!

Culture Club Cheese Bar is almost here! We just need a little more help from you to build out our bathroom.


"Mollusk" a new brewpub by Epic Ales and Gastropod

We are expanding to a new highly accessible location on Dexter called Mollusk. It will have a 7 barrel brew house and seat 100 people.


Sign up EverGreen Escapes for growth

We're ready to execute on our next big project: a new reservation system software for the company.

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Beneficial State Bank is part of Fund Local

The Fund Local Project is a statewide initiative launched by the Washington State Department of Commerce to create access to capital in all 39 of Washington's great counties.

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