Fund local community sourced capital sponsorships

Show your support for small businesses and become a partner in Fund Local

You know your community matters, that’s why you support small businesses. After all, small businesses account for 98% of Washington’s employers. They are the heart of vibrant economies and are one of the reasons why we love to call Washington home.

Fund Local is creating locally-funded loans in each of the 39 counties in our great state. The capital for these loans comes from people in the community where a business operates.

When people Fund Local, they strengthen local economies and keep more dollars circulating in the communities where they live and work. It makes Washington a better place to live. Buy local. Eat local. Fund Local.

Become a County Sponsor and show your love for a piece of Washington

This $2,500 per-county opportunity shows every business and lender in a county that your company loves local. Benefits include:

Brand visibility: Your brand will enjoy premier visibility on the Fund Local main page, on the county page for each county you sponsor, plus you'll have permanent visibility on the campaign page for every campaign that takes place in the county you sponsor. You'll enjoy custom media call-outs and we'll link to your social media to talk about your support of Fund Local.

Custom messaging: We'll custom-build you a sponsor page on our website, accessible through county pages and campaign pages. This is a unique opportunity to share the story about why your organization loves its community.

Participate in the Fund Local co-lending program

You can also choose to participate in Fund Local through our unique matching dollars program with either our 0% interest lending program or as a tax-deductible donation to our Revolving Local Fund managed through our nonprofit partner.

Deadline: These opportunities are available through Friday, Sept 25.

For more information, contact Hilary Wilson at