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Oregon's Kitchen Table

Oregon’s Kitchen Table is a statewide online platform for civic engagement that can be used at nearly any scale (state, regional, and local). We believe that Oregonians have a lot to offer their state and their communities.

By providing multiple pathways for community members to contribute to public work (consultations, civic crowdfunding and Oregonian-to-Oregonian microlending), we increase the public’s understanding of complex issues and the appreciation citizens have for difficulties inherent in policy tradeoffs as well as increasing leaders’ respect for and willingness to seek the input and contributions that the public has to offer.

Currently, over 10,000 Oregonians have joined OKT – and that number rises every day and with every new project Oregon’s Kitchen Table undertakes.

Campaigns in collaboration with Oregon's Kitchen Table


Help Hottie Das Launch in Portland

Help Jason realize his dream of opening a mobile hot dog cart in Portland


Expanding Hot Winter's Market Reach

Bringing Hot Winter to more customers; preserving rare seeds and working directly with regional farmers


TeaScape Launches Relaxation in Southeast Portland

After five years as a sole practitioner, I am expanding my practice to include employees and reception area doubling as a teahouse.


Genki-Su is expanding into new stores!

We need to increase production to fulfill upcoming orders from the new stores we are entering!