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Get a 0% interest loan from your community

There’s an exciting new way for Seattle businesses to use community support as a catalyst for growth. Community Sourced Capital and Seattle Good Business Network have joined forces to strengthen small business through a community lending program.

Community Sourced Capital’s local lending platform enables businesses like yours to source low-cost loans between $5,000 and $50,000 directly from members of their communities.

About our community partnership

Seattle Good Business Network offers innovative programs and education for local businesses while Community Sourced Capital supports financing from local sources.

Community Sourced Capital (CSC) provides loans to small business using funds sourced directly from their community. Businesses run campaigns on CSC’s web platform and invite local supporters (typically friends, family, customers, and stakeholders) to buy $50 increments of the target loan.

SGBN members part of this program receive discounted fees when using the CSC platform to raise capital for their business.

Why CSC loans are good for businesses

CSC has designed a simple way for community members to lend money to local businesses they value. For businesses, a CSC loan not only raises funds, but also acts as a promotional marketing campaign to gain visibility and foster long-term connections with your customers. It can take as little as one week for a business to apply and launch a campaign. 90% of CSC campaigns have been successfully funded.

How much does it cost?

Community Sourced Capital loans are 0% interest loans. To use the CSC platform, a one time $250 fee is charged (SGBN members save $100 on this fee), and then a $50 per month membership fee is charged throughout the life of the loan.

About this funding opportunity

Small businesses can raise money from their community in the form of a 0% interest loan.

How to access this funding

Apply to run a campaign or contact CSC

We'll help you with your campaign

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About Seattle Good Business Network

SGBN is a non-profit network of residents and local independent businesses that share a vision for a resilient, vibrant local economy - one that's rooted in local ownership, a healthy environment, and strong community.

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About Community Sourced Capital

Community Sourced Capital helps small businesses access capital from people in their community.

Meet some community-financed businesses


Delicatus continues to add better equipment and upgrades

This $6,450 loan finances additional upgrades and improvements for a Pioneer Square deli joint.


Signing up EverGreen Escapes for growth

This $36,100 loan finances a new reservation system for a local sustainable tourism company.


Simple and Crisp is expanding production

This $21,200 Loan financed new equipment for the production space in Pioneer Square.

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