Beta Hatch is growing the farm (to grow more insects)!

We're expanding our farm to meet a growing demand for insect protein and frass fertilizer.

About the campaign

Last spring we started exploring options in the edible insect industry. We built the The Ballard Bug Barn, a customized and climate controlled barn, that was used to pilot insect rearing. There was immediate interest, so Virginia quit her job to start Beta Hatch, and to pursue her dream of farming insects! Over the summer we raised the first batch of mealworms in the Bug Barn, piloted sales to The Portage Bay Grange, and tested and retested our product and its packaging. This fall, we pitched at the CleanTech Open and got our first financing. We found a commercial space to grow more bugs and before we even moved in, we were already in negotiations for a 2,500 lb sales contract! We received a shipment of 500,000 mealworms to start our population.

Now: we're renovating a commercial space and are getting ready to move our insects into their new home! We will use these funds to expand our production capacity from around 800 lbs/month to nearly 4,000 lbs/month. This campaign is the first step in growing Beta Hatch to the next phase.

Each rearing unit costs around $100 dollars to make, and for every 200 units, a job is created for someone in the Seattle area. In addition, every dollar you lend is matched by the Fund Local Matching Capital Program, doubling your impact with Beta Hatch. Every $50 you lend to us will mean $100 for our growth.

Will you join us in our campaign to move Beta Hatch into its new home?

See below for a timelapse of our initial construction a few weeks ago!

Updates and payments

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About Beta Hatch

We farm insects to help grow food! Our insects are a protein-rich treat for chickens, and our frass is a nutritious fertilizer.

About Us: Beta Hatch grows insect protein to feed animals, and nutrient balanced fertilizer is a by-product of our process. Beta Hatch knows bugs better than anyone- we use our expertise in entomology to grow the most efficient and nutritious insects. We are currently farming mealworms from our urban farm in Seattle. Our Process: Our insects are grown on all-organic diet, sourced from local farmers and suppliers. The farm is an indoor, climate-controlled system that is customized to keep the insects healthy and happy. Our current species, Tenebrio molitor, is also known as the mealworm or darkling beetle. We harvest the larvae (or baby beetles) right before they transform into pupae, to maximize their protein and fat content. Frass, a technical term for 'insect manure' is a natural by-product that is harvested as the insects grow. We create local jobs in manufacturing and agriculture, and we support the local economy by creating new opportunities for local farms and feed stores. Our mission is to make the Pacific Northwest a leader in the emerging insect farming industry.

Beta Hatch was established in 2015, and is located in Seattle, WA.

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