Bring Buttercup Homemade Ice Cream and Chowder to a Store Near You

Our goal is to support other local businesses and expand into other communities by, eventually, mass marketing our product.

About the campaign

About Buttercup

This year we opened Buttercup Homemade Ice Creams and Chowders in the beautifully scenic river town of Nehalem, in Tillamook County, Oregon. Previously, the owner Julie Barker, owned and operated two businesses in Manzanita, the Blue Sky Café for 17 years and bread and ocean bakery and deli for 12 years. Both were hugely successful. Now Julie has moved to Nehalem and wants to help this town become a more economically diverse community and a culinary destination as well.

Our ice creams are mostly custard-based and very inventive, paired with their own individual house-made cone. We also accommodates most diets, including dairy-free chowders and ice creams and vegan/gluten-free cones.

How Your Loan Will Help Buttercup

Buttercup needs working capital in order to pay off construction costs, and begin the next phase of growth for. A breakdown of the budget is: $10,000 to pay expenses incurred due to opening delays and another $10,000 for buttercup to begin "growing" into it's next phase. With these funds Buttercup will start the labeling process for mass distribution. We would also use the funds to promote the product in Portland. In addition we will spend the funds on some long-need equipment i.e. more shelving, retail displays and possibly a grab-n-go refrigerated cooler for more products.

How Your Loan Will Affect The Community

Please consider buying a square in our campaign. By growing Buttercup, our goal is to support other local businesses. We are a truly community-based business. Our milk comes from Bennett Family Farm, our eggs from Misty Meadow Farm, both in Tillamook, Jacobsen salt in Netarts, and seafood from Community Supported Fishery in Garibaldi. Local farms also provide our produce whenever available. Over the course of the last 28 years Julie has employed hundreds of local people and added significantly to the Tillamook County economy. Please help us grow this business!

Updates and payments

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About buttercup, llc

Homemade, artisan, ice-creams and chowders

By only using local, organic, family owned distributors and by creating jobs for the locals so they can stimulate our economy. Over the past 30 years I have employed generations of family's and helped support local, independent, distributors such as King Fisher Farms Produce, Jacobsen's Salt Co., Bennett Family Farms, Revolution Gardens, Misty Meadow Farm Eggs, Ocean Beauty Seafood, Bee Local Honey. among others.

buttercup, llc was established in 2015, and is located in Nehalem, OR.

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