Bring Parfait's farm-to-cone ice cream to restaurants and groceries!

We're getting licensed as a creamery so we can offer our organic, craft ice cream at corner markets and select restaurants around Seattle.

About the campaign

Over the past year, our farm-to-cone organic ice cream shop has become a cornerstone of the Ballard neighborhood for foodies, families, and environmental enthusiasts. Now, we are growing to take on wholesale accounts, which means that soon, with your help, you will be able to get Parfait's amazing ice cream in your local grocery stores and favorite cafés! Help us raise funds to purchase the equipment needed to take this next step!

This funding will help take Parfait to the next level and transform our ice cream shop into a full-fledged, veritable ice creamery!

The funding from this campaign will enable us to purchase a vat pasteurizer and complete the WSDA's rigorous licensing programs for becoming a certified organic food processor. Our ice cream is already made from scratch using organic ingredients, but in order to offer it through wholesale, we need to purchase a vat pasteurizer. Additionally, getting our organic certification will make Parfait the one-and-only certified organic ice cream shop in the entire Pacific Northwest! As always, customers will be able to watch Parfait’s ice cream magic in the making through the wall of windows behind the counter of our beautiful, light-filled shop. It will all still be made right here in Ballard!

Parfait’s mission is to make organic ice cream that goes from the farm to the freezer, without a factory in between. We refuse to compromise in our commitment to organic and artisan food, despite the constant pressure to conform to the conventional, industrial standards embraced by most ice cream businesses. We think consumers deserve to have an option for true, unadulterated ice cream, made the old-fashioned way by people who care about taste, integrity, and craft. By expanding our scope to a larger audience, we can challenge the industrial ice cream norm with something more human and wholesome, one delicious hand-packed pint at a time. Will you help us get there?

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About Parfait Ice Cream

Parfait is an organic, farm-to-table ice cream shop in Seattle, Washington. Our ice cream is 100% made-from-scratch in the open kitchen of our Ballard shop using farm-direct, certified organic dairy, eggs, and produce. More than just a scoop shop, we also make a variety of innovative handcrafted ice cream novelties including sherbet push pops, ice cream macarons, brownie ice cream sandwiches, seven-layer ice cream cakes, and s'more ice cream pies.

At Parfait, we believe in a different kind of food system. Unlike most commercial ice cream makers that use an industrial "base" for their products, we choose to craft our desserts with organic ingredients sourced from farms, not factories. We build every ice cream flavor from the ground up, and we make our cones, mix ins, sauces, and toppings (even our sprinkles!) completely from scratch. We work with certified organic local farms, and support local producers like Theo Chocolate,True North Coffee Roasters, and Ballard Bee Honey. We even have a working herb and berry garden outside our shop where we grow some of our own food! We keep our ingredient list short and pronounceable. It’s better for the environment and better for your body. And while it requires more time and money to make real, honest food, we think it's worth the effort. Once you taste our ice cream, we think you will, too.

Parfait Ice Cream was established in 2009, and is located in Seattle, WA.

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