First Public Taproom and New Production Space for Propolis Brewing!

After 3 years brewing outside on a 1bbl system this loan will help us open our first Ale Taproom & Production space!

About the campaign

"Committed to Integrity, Environmental accountability and Sustainability, we are dedicated to inspire non-beer drinkers and beer lovers to a new level of quality and help cultivate an appreciation for Locally Sourced Organic Artisan Ales."

Located in Port Townsend, WA our company, Propolis Brewing, specializes in a uniquely handcrafted (Belgian/French/Olympic Peninsula) Farmhouse Style Ales. We focus on using seasonal, wild-crafted herbs, native fruits and flowers to create barrel-aged sours, herbal brews and old world ales that are reflective of the richness of our Olympic Peninsula home.

For nearly 3 years, we have doubled production every six-months, investing everything we make back into our business and yet we are still one of Washington's smallest breweries, working tirelessly on a 1 barrel system (about 12 cases at a time) to producing roughly 110 barrels a year (only 3,410 gallons).

In the fall of 2014, we also won SIP Magazines Best of the PNW for our Belgian-Style Ale "Spruce" and the following day GABF Gold for our American-Brett Ale "Beltane". We have had a tremendous response to our work, but we are completely unable to keep up with growing demand from consumers who are requesting our product in Washington, Oregon, California and far beyond…

This been an exciting time of exceptional commitment, energy, passion and labor and we have worked tremendous hours as a 2 person team. But after 3 years of serious work, traveling throughout the Puget Sound to connect with retailers and customers, representing our ales at 6 farmers markets and many tasting events, we are ready to finally open our first tasting room, hire a good team of local people, and expand into a larger more efficient brewing system.

We have secured a retail/production location! The city has approved our project! Demo is ready! And our equipment is ready to be fabricated!

"But we need Community Support!"

Our business needs immediate critical funding to open our doors. $50,000 dollars in additional funding is required to open our Taproom:

  • Specifically this Funding of $50,000 dollars will help us remodel and upgrade an existing building located in the heart of Port Townsend. This capital will allow us to move our existing equipment into our new brewery location, build our taproom and install the necessary infrastructure to receive our new production equipment due to be delivered in September 2015.
  • This location will allow us to open our first taproom affording us the opportunity to finally provide a long awaited space for visitors to come to our town; learn, taste and appreciate our many unique, rare and seasonally crafted ales side-by-side.
  • The Production space will allow us to increase our production to a larger more "sustainable" scale and will provide us with the production volume to meet our existing orders and exceptional growing demand.
  • Our growth will directly benefit our local economy, and many local businesses we already work with will benefit from our increased demand and production volume. We are excited to create several job opportunities immediately within our business that will help support local families in our community.
  • This is a space that provides new opportunities for collaboration, events and gatherings in a location that will help develop, support and solidify a new district in Port Townsend. This district has great potential to stimulate new economic growth and inspire support in other small growing artisan businesses. We are excited for the chance to continue to build our business within our community in a responsible and collaborative way.
  • The first phase of our project is to relocate our existing brewing operations to the new structure over the summer of 2015 and open our taproom to generate immediate direct sales income.
  • The second phase of our project is to further remodel the existing building to receive our new production equipment scheduled to arrive in September of 2015.

Your loan support is tremendously important to our business!

Thank you for your Consideration!

Piper and Robert

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About Propolis Brewing

Propolis Brewing is a National-Award winning "nano" (1 barrel) brewery located in Port Townsend, WA specializing in high-quality farmhouse-style herbal ales. We brew seasonally utilizing organic, local and wild-crafted ingredients. We focus on barrel-aged sour ales, Belgian/French inspired Ales and Old World Herbal Ales. Propolis began production in March 2013 and has remained focused on small-batch, handcrafted, bottle-conditioned ales. Our ale can be found in local WA farmers markets, specialty bottle shops and community supported farm-to-table restaurants in Washington, Oregon and California.

We support local farms and businesses by sourcing seasonal local organic ingredients. Our tasting room, creates a new destination in Port Townsend that will bring a new demographic of visitors to our town, which will directly support our local economy. We will create jobs in production and customer-service, and provide a high-quality product to our community. Additionally, this investment will help catalyze a new artisanal district that will inturn encourage other small businesses through social and ecomomic growth.

Propolis Brewing was established in 2012, and is located in Port Townsend, WA.

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