From Sutra in Seattle to Mana in Leavenworth!

Introducing Mana a new elevated, organic, locally sourced restaurant in Leavenworth from the founders of Sutra!

About the campaign

A little back ground story of Mana:

After 8 years of running a successful triad of Sutra Restaurant, Sutra Yoga Studio, and Sutra Farm, change was in the air, Sutra Restaurant, and Sutra Yoga's land had been purchased and was scheduled for tear down and re-development. Our family was living at Sutra Farm in Monroe, Wa on amazing land, but there was something missing, community. The dream was to have nature, workplace, and community all in one location.

In order to make this dream a reality we needed to make a big leap of faith. After a whole year of searching for the ideal space we found the Wedding Haus, the absolute perfect fixer-upper to bring people to the table and celebrate elegant local and foraged food. So, we sold our house and farm and put all our eggs into the giant Mana basket in hopes of a more sustainable daily rhythm, with the intention to reduce our physical impact on the planet and touch into the wisdom of nature and the elements every day.

The move has been a beautiful opportunity to clarify our love of food, sustainable living, and wisdom traditions and begin the transformation toward a new, unique restaurant honoring the local abundance and beauty of the land.

This is were you come in!

The bottom line is we need more capital to make this vision come to fruition. Now that we have the space, and are in communication with the city planners, and we're diving deeper into the project, more challenges (some very big and expensive) are showing themselves. For example, a new fire suppression system throughout the entire building (which requires a new connection to the cities water and is a gigantic purchase), new grease trap, electrical rewiring etc. When the buildout is complete, and the last bits of the loan will be used to create indoor and outdoor vertical gardens, equipment, tables and chairs, and food and drink to open the doors.

Whether you've got $50 or $500 to lend for a short time, we'd brim with gratitude to not have our hands in giant credit card companies and to be accountable to you rather than folks we may not be as in alignment with. Community Sourced Capital also has a lender that will match each dollar the community loans, so your $50 becomes a $100 loan for us!

Updates and payments

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About Mana

Mana is an inspired fine dining, reservation only restaurant offering a locally sourced organic, wild foraged, wild crafted, once in a lifetime culinary experience.

Our hope is to expand the incredibly beautiful community that organically emerged from Sutra over the years. By elevating our creation even more at Mana, we’re continuing to support local organic farmers and foragers, supporting local artisans, creating and sourcing plant medicines for food and drink from the local environment, and offering an elegant, organic whole foods, community focused dining experience. We find the most meaning in our work when standing side by side with our community by learning from, and continuing teaching tools and techniques for modern homesteading, so that as a collective we remember how to share and support one another in becoming more connected and involved in the dining experience from a single ingredient’s qualities and elements, to growing needs, sustaining, caring for, learning about the alchemy of ingredients coming together, creating, and sharing whole, vibrant, local, organic food and drink.

Mana was established in 2015, and is located in Leavenworth, WA.

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