Help Oregon Healthy Harvest expand production and healthy eating!

We make local, fresh, organic, vegan, gluten free super patties & bites & mild/crazy exotic mango sauce using all natural ingredients.

About the campaign

The Healthy Harvest Journey

Oregon Healthy Harvest produces local, organic, healthy, sustainable, plant based food. Currently our products are Super Bites, Super Patties and exotic mango sauces. Our products have been in development with the assistance of the Oregon State University and Food Innovation Center since 2013. Our products hit store shelves in June 2015 and sales and interest in the product have expanded rapidly since.

Our Super Bites and Patties are vegan, gluten free, fully baked, ready for you to immediately enjoy with our dipping Mango Sauces. Our products are made from a fresh organic vegetable blend of kale, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, and carrots simply held together with quinoa and chickpea flour. It's simple honest food that makes you feel good after eating it.

We are Upgrading Machinery and Delivery

In just a few short months we have successfully picked up a number of accounts. Product is moving and repeat orders are increasing. All of our batches will continue to have a hand-crafted personal touch, but in order to grow and keep up with demand; we need to make upgrades to our machinery which keeps the proportions consistent. We are also in need of a refrigerated delivery vehicle to maintain the ultimate quality, freshness of the products, and more helping hands. The capital raised in this campaign will help us to achieve this goal.

Please Join Us - Buy a Square

We are asking you to participate in our campaign by buying squares to loan us from $50-$1,000 to help us expand our product, and over the next few years we will pay you back as our company grows. We believe we all people deserve to eat healthy and stay healthy, so the success of the company is also the success of our customers and of our future. The timing is right; people are knowledgeable enough to want to consume local, organic, healthy, sustainable, plant based food. Your investment means this is your success as well, and we want to be able to thank you for that part in person. So come say hello and taste our product at one of our many upcoming metro area product demos/events as will be listed. Please visit our website

Updates and payments

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About Oregon Healthy Harvest

Oregon Healthy Harvest uses organic and natural ingredients to make 100% vegan products. We have veggie patties and sliders/bites which are fully baked and exotic mango sauces.

5% of net profits will go to help local children in need. We also have new accounts with local school districts which will help provide healthy, veggie patties to children, universities, and hospitals.

Oregon Healthy Harvest was established in 2014, and is located in Lake Oswego, OR.

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