Help us Bring Urban Rowing to Firebrand

Since 2012, we’ve offered unique workouts to rave reviews and built a fitness family. Our next step: PDX's first indoor rowing studio!

About the campaign


Since 2012, we've offered signature workouts to rave reviews and built a fired up fitness family. It's time for our next: Portland's first indoor rowing studio.


When we opened our doors three years ago at Firebrand Sports, we didn't want to just change bodies. We wanted to change people's lives. And to do that we decided that we needed to revolutionize the way people approached working out in Portland. To pioneer the future of fitness: Sweating smarter, together.

To accomplish this, Firebrand has differentiated itself by becoming the leader in offering unique, immersive, group fitness experiences that deliver a complete and balanced fitness solution to people who value their health, fitness and time. From Pyrolates, our signature next-gen, high-intensity Pilates, to FireBarre, where ballet barre meets dance cardio, to Full Tilt Cycling, we've made our mark by being different, better and always on the forefront of the future of fitness.

We're there again – but this time we need your help to make it happen!


This community funded loan will provide financial support to help Firebrand launch Portland's first indoor rowing studio, Urban Row. We have developed an interval rowing program that is rowing – and so much more! Alternating intervals on and off the rowing machine deliver a triple threat workout: a high-intensity sweat, low-impact burn, with total body results. And our rowers won't look like the lonely rower in the corner of your gym. We'll be using the Water Rower GX, eye-catching and functional, handcrafted, solid ash wood rowers that use a water flywheel to create dynamic resistance.

To see these rowers in action check out our video!

This loan will allow us to purchase 8 Water Rowers, along with necessary fitness equipment (such as weights and mats) to make Urban Row a reality and launch the workout at the end of 2015, just in time for the busy January fitness season. We will also use the funds to build out the Urban Row studio, upgrade our FireBarre room floor and purchase new accessories for our Megaformers for Pyrolates.


We are not asking you to donate. Instead we are asking you to join with us to fuel Firebrand's future growth by becoming a squareholder in our project. Your participation will allow us to offer a fourth workout, Urban Row, which is a critical additional cardio option and one that will appeal to men. This will help Firebrand to grow its membership, increase class offerings, add additional staff and instructors and make a positive impact on our clients' health and well-being. Your investment will be repaid in full.


By supporting this project, you are helping to build our Portland community through sustainable community lending. Community Sourced Capital, our partner in this venture, has a new vision about how to fund small business. Instead of involving a big commercial bank, they gather folks like you that believe in community, building better neighborhoods and supporting local, small family businesses, just like we do. We at Firebrand believe in their mission to create a sustainable funding system designed to strengthen our community. We're excited to raise our funds through this unique Community Sourced Capital model because it provides us the opportunity to engage with the community we love so much and are here to serve.

We are asking you to purchase a square to support Firebrand, its founders Sara and Linda Stimac, its staff and instructors so that they can grow the business and change more lives. Please consider joining our community and supporting this project!

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About Firebrand Sports

From our flagship fitness studio in Portland’s Pearl District, Firebrand Sports’ mission is to sweat smarter, together. We offer unique, all-in-one group fitness experiences that deliver a complete and balanced fitness solution to people who value their health, fitness and time. Because at Firebrand, we know everyone is an athlete. Our sport is life. Firebrand Sports was founded in 2012 in Portland, OR by John, Linda and Sara Stimac. It continues to be wholly owned by the Stimac family who have made Portland their home and community.

We resolved to pioneer a results-driven boutique studio offering a “one-stop shop” approach to wellness. As part of this mission, at Firebrand we endeavor to empower people with the tools to challenge themselves and transform their lives. Firebrand’s classes are kept small to provide each client with the advantages of a motivational, private training experience in an energized community atmosphere that fosters a fitness fellowship, which is augmented by Firebrand’s proprietary nutrition and lifestyle programming. Firebrand Sports is not just in the business of changing bodies; it is in the business of changing lives. And we believe Firebrand will change your life the way it has changed ours.

Firebrand Sports was established in 2012, and is located in Portland, OR.

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