Help us open Cocoa Cinnamon's second shop!

We're growing Cocoa Cinnamon to serve more of our community and to enable us to create career positions for our long term crew.

About the campaign

At Cocoa Cinnamon, we're creating a thriving business that will enable us to offer career positions for our long term crew and deepen our ability to help build opportunity in the local community. At Cocoa Cinnamon we have been developing a core group of folks who head up training, inventory, flavor development, public engagement, and more. A second shop will help us bring in the income to pay more than a living wage - a career wage - with more benefits. Our whole team is dedicated to our local community -- in 2014, 92% of our business's total spending stayed in North Carolina. Community sourced capital keeps investment at home. Jump on board and help us promote homegrown, values-based growth for Cocoa Cinnamon.

These funds will go toward real things, like building outdoor seating, a new espresso machine, and a unique space designed through the collaboration of local artists.

We see Cocoa Cinnamon as a vessel for sustainability. This includes sustainability in our crew's standard of living, equity in our diverse community, and the perpetuation of opportunity in the Bull City. You can find more specifics about our local buying and giving on our website!

Our friend and Durham inventor Chuck Pell once wrote us a note in which he said that Cocoa Cinnamon is about creating leaders, for and within our community. Our crew is living evidence that his words ring true. Lending to us through Community Sourced Capital will help in this effort.

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About Cocoa Cinnamon

Cocoa Cinnamon works to create a place for people to enjoy carefully crafted coffee, chocolate and tea drinks and locally made desserts in a comfortable and engaging Durham setting. Cocoa Cinnamon is open to all people and strives, through commerce and service, to support a sustainable, democratic and artistic way of being.

We use and develop the business to grow towards maximum sustainability. Cocoa Cinnamon employs people and pays them a living wage. Our crew buys local and give towards creating opportunity in the Bull City and by striving to be a healthy and pleasurable place to work and be. In opening our second location we aim to add up to 19 more living wage jobs. Our second location will be at 2625 Hillsborough Road at the corner of Trent Dr. in Durham. Cocoa Cinnamon serves as a testing venue for many small businesses and help others with their startups. We source our pastries, cakes, milk and many other products from local sources, with 92.09% of all 2014 purchases staying in North Carolina, 84.78% within 40 miles. You can find our buying and giving stats here: Thanks to Susie Zadeh, David Solow, Linton Architects and Sophia Durand for use of their photos.

Cocoa Cinnamon was established in 2010, and is located in Durham, NC.

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