Making local beer, more local and more flavorful!

After our first year of operations as a local food hub, we have decided to also venture into the production of craft malted grains.

About the campaign

This campaign is an important part of our greater fundraising efforts which will allow us to launch a craft grain malting operation. We need to raise $600,000 to purchase the craft malting equipment before we can start making local beer even better than it already is. This campaign is the first part of our funding to demonstrate community support of this project. We have been looking for a fun, clever, and important value adding process which will keep us busy and offset the very seasonal nature of our produce operations, and after two years of research and planning, we are ready to begin malting!

This project will expand LINC Foods offerings into something we can do year-round to add value to our bountiful local grain crops.

Currently Washington grain growers export 85-90% of their products, many of which are grown in eastern Washington. At the same time, over 51% of farmers in our region report a net loss from farming each year, while our regions consumers send $1.5 billion away to import the food we eat. By launching this craft grain malting operation, we will be able to pay local grain farmers a premium to grow the barley and wheat we will malt. This will also allow the craft breweries and distilleries in our community (which are growing at 20%/year) to finally purchase locally grown and malted grains which carry the story of the farmer that grew them. We believe that all of this will help small farmers and breweries/distilleries do better, which also means tastier local craft beverages for everyone.

Everything at LINC Foods is locally grown and community bound. Soon we will be able to extend this ethic to craft malt for craft breweries and distilleries!

Updates and payments

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About LINC Foods

LINC Foods is a one-stop shop for local, sustainable food. We sell locally produced fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, meats, cheeses, and eggs to colleges, universities, hospitals, retirement communities, restaurants, and grocery stores in Spokane.

LINC Foods helps small scale, sustainable farmers, access a larger market for their products. This helps small farmers become financially sustainable while allowing local institutions to easily source more fresh local ingredients.

LINC Foods was established in 2014, and is located in Spokane, WA.

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