Rain Baby Gear is Expanding Beyond the Pacific Northwest!

Rain Baby Gear is seeking working capital to scale its manufacturing operations and expand its wholesale business to the East Coast.

About the campaign

Rain Baby Gear, a SE Portland-based manufacturing company, has grown to over 50 wholesale accounts nationwide in under two and a half years mostly through sweat equity. Our two main products are water-resistant baby blankets and kitchen/craft childrens' aprons both made with a BPA-free washable laminated fabric. Northwest parents describe these kid-friendly, eye-catching, practical products as "brilliant". A successful campaign with Community Sourced Capital will help provide the working capital to scale our company to a more viable business. Our products have successfully passed the proof of concept phase and have solid traction in retail stores across the Pacific Northwest. Now, we want to bring the function and flair of Rain Baby Gear to families across the Midwest and east coast.

The CSC loan will help Rain Baby Gear expand its wholesale business.

"Anything can be achieved in small, deliberate steps. But there are times you need the courage to take a great leap; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps." --David Lloyd George.

For the past two and a half years, Rain Baby Gear has expanded its wholesale reach store-by-store and city-by-city. With the support of friends' and families' guest rooms, we have traveled beyond the Pacific Northwest to visit toy and baby/gear stores and introduce them to Rain Baby Gear blankets and kitchen/craft aprons. With careful marketing research before each trip, we approached dozens of new stores and broadened our market. For each trip, we sewed a batch of blankets and aprons, loaded the car or suitcase, and started pounding the pavement. Rain Baby Gear must now take a quantum leap. This CSC loan will provide the needed working capital to support purchasing the fabric and labor for a large blanket and apron production run, expenses for attending national toy store trade shows and engaging regional sales representatives.

We recently secured a Portland-based production house that will do the majority of Rain Baby Gear's cutting and sewing. We are excited to have found a seasoned, local company that fits our current size and can grow with us. They offer us experience and knowledge with domestic production and sourcing, while paying honorable wages to their employees. With the encouragement of our current wholesale toy store customers across Portland, Tacoma and Seattle, Rain Baby Gear joined the national membership association of independently-owned toy stores. We are attending its annual trade show to gain exposure and meet more retail members nationwide. The retailers support their manufacturer partners, and vice versa. Our current customers have offered to introduce Rain Baby Gear to other retailers.

Finally, we realize that to grow in new markets we need professional sales help with strong existing retail relationships to introduce Rain Baby Gear products to new customers. Through our network of existing retail customers, we have identified potential sales rep companies and will meet with them at the national trade show. We want a sale rep company that provides the high-level of customer service that Rain Baby Gear prioritizes and provides to our current retail customers. We also want a rep company that specializes in US-made products that are high-quality and safe for children, like Rain Baby Gear blankets and aprons. We ask for your financial support to help Rain Baby Gear grow and add its products to the stock of essential gear for babies and young children.

The word we hear most often to describe Rain Baby Gear products is "brilliant." We want to expand coast-to-coast so more families can benefit from our practical eye-catching baby blankets and kid kitchen/craft aprons.

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About Rain Baby Gear Design

Rain Baby Gear is a small manufacturing company that makes baby and kid products with a laminated fabric. Our water-resistant baby blankets make great rain/snow stroller blankets, ground cloths, splat mats etc. The kid kitchen/craft aprons are sponge-wipeable and make for easy clean up. Our fabrics are BPA-free and come in a wide selection of kid-friendly prints.

Rain Baby Gear Design was established in 2012, and is located in Portland, OR.

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