Salt Hotel & Pub - Elemental Hospitality, out of the Elements

Salt is a soon-to-be hotel and social space located in the Port of Ilwaco in SW Washington, the gateway to the Long Beach Peninsula.

About the campaign

Salt is a soon-to-be hotel and social space located in the Port of Ilwaco in southwest Washington state, the gateway to the Long Beach Peninsula. Salt's mission is to provide simple, yet exceptional, hospitality experiences for visitors and locals alike here at the confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark never had it so good...

Grand Plans
We are currently in the process of renovating 21 guest rooms, retail, recreational, restaurant, and pub facilities and have a soft opening planned for July 1, 2015. (Well, we can promise the beds will be soft but opening a hotel turns out to be pretty hard—who knew?!)

Salt's location offers a vantage like no other in terms of its view of the mighty Columbia and its proximity to the harbor, forests, park, beaches and rest of the Long Beach Peninsula. In summer, the Port of Ilwaco is a hive of activity: farmers markets, adventurers, sport and commercial fishers, and people simply looking for some fresh sea air away from inland summer heat.

Unfortunately, there are very few places for people to congregate, eat, socialize, drink, or sleep in or near the Port. This is where Salt comes in…

Beyond being a social hub in the summer, Salt's long-term goal is to encourage off-season visits to the area and showcase the breadth of activity available here from cranberry harvests to surf lessons to one-of-a-kind small business retreats.

Where you come in
In order to function well as a year-round promoter of the area, we need the ability to provide quality food and entertainment options in addition to accommodation. Having invested the majority of development resources into the hotel renovations (viz. all of it and then some), Salt is seeking additional funding to accelerate the development of its pub—because we're gonna need a drink once that last nail is hammered home. Our goal is to have this food and (adult) beverage service on-line for September 2015, in time for the end of high season. Because what could be better than a day exploring one of the most beautiful regions on earth and then kicking back with one of the PNW's legendary IPAs?

Raised funds will go towards the revamp of the facility's kitchen, pub and a common area that will double as a meeting room space. The view requires no work.

It's all about community
Salt is excited to raise the required funds using this unique Community Sourced Capital model because of the opportunity it provides to engage with the community we love so much and are here to serve. We plan to offer Squareholder events before, during, and after launch and in addition to your participating in this campaign we also want your input, your stories and your voice to help promote Ilwaco and the Long Beach Peninsula. In our past 10 years providing surf and guiding services we have learned to view this area as a world-class tourism locale, on par with any destination out there and it is time to let the rest of world in on the secret.

Updates and payments

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About SALT Hotel

A newly renovated 21 room hotel with a to-be-developed bar and restaurant space overlooking the harbor in the port of Ilwaco.

The hotel functions as a means to promote the city and port of Ilwaco as well as the entire Long Beach peninsula. It will be further enhanced by having a fully operational restaurant/pub as well as retail and public meeting spaces. Even operating at 50% capacity it will employ three people full-time.

SALT Hotel was established in 2015, and is located in Ilwaco, WA.

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