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We're ready to execute on our next big project: a new reservation system software for the company.

About the campaign

2014 was an amazing year. We opened the Adventure Hub, sharing our space with Elsom Cellars and Kaf Adventures. It's going exactly as planned, and the dream is now a reality! With that behind us, 2015 is anticipated to be one of the biggest years for travel. We are excited to welcome a record number of travelers to the Pacific Northwest.

To prepare for this, we're gearing up a more robust reservation system. The travel industry is extremely complex -- think about the number of transactions, reservations, confirmation numbers you acquire when you travel -- now multiply that by thousands of trips and customers and you end up with a lot of information to sort and track. Our current systems are bursting at the seams. A newer, more robust system will radically increase our efficiency and enable us to take our company to the next level.

We're thrilled to have customers, friends and family who support the business and the outdoor adventure and travel industry by working with EverGreen Escapes. After taking on our first Community Sourced Capital loan and successfully paying it back in the course of a year, we're ready to take on another community loan for additional improvements as we gear up for our best year ever.

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About EverGreen Escapes

We love this region and are true ambassadors for it. Our primary purpose is to showcase Cascadia in the global tourism marketplace and strive to put us on the proverbial map! We are a group of passionate individuals on a mission to provide transformational experiences in our region and other select destinations around the planet. We subscribe to the triple bottom line philosophy on measuring success: Minimizing the impact on our natural treasures; contributing to socio-economic development by supporting local independent businesses; inspiring and educating locals and travelers alike on how they can travel responsibly and with purpose. We hope you are inspired to travel, to do so responsibly and to support our mission.

EverGreen Escapes was established in 2006, and is located in Seattle, WA.

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