Starvation Alley New Bottling Line and Juicer Upgrade

We're ready to ramp up Starvation Alley's production as we launch a new retail product and expand farmers markets this summer.

About the campaign

Starvation Alley cranberry farm & juice company is raising funds for a high-volume juice press and bottling line that will help scale its juice production to 6X the current capacity. Over the past three years, Starvation Alley has become the go to source for Organic cranberries in the Northwest. As Washington State’s one-and-only certified organic cranberry farm, Starvation Alley is not only growing sustainable, local fruit, but is making it possible for other Northwest farmers to join them. They buy fruit from two neighboring farms (that are half way through the rigorous 3-year process of converting to organic) to produce a 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice that is unlike anything else you can find on the market. Recently, Starvation Alley repaid it’s first Community Sourced Capital loan of $12,000 for a hydraulic juice press. This loan helped Starvation Alley grow to add 2 new farmers as suppliers and an additional 5 jobs local to the PNW. With the added production capacity possible from this next stage of funding the farm will be able to continue to increase its positive impact in the farming community.

This high-volume juice press and bottling line will scale Starvation Alley's juice production to 6X the current capacity.

Starvation Alley’s production kitchen is located on the Long Beach Peninsula in Southwest, WA. and produces about 8,000 gallons of cranberry juice a year. “Starvation Alley” is a historic road on the Peninsula that was home to hard-working oyster and cranberry laborers. We kept the name as an ode to those that came before us and our hearts go out to everyone still working hard for food. We hope you’ll consider participating and be part of something very meaningful for our family, farm & food community in the Northwest.

Starvation Alley's mission is to support local farmer livelihood. We do this by paying great prices and aiding in the tough transition from conventional to organic growing. This loan will help us reach our next business milestone of adding an additional local farmer and creating a killer retail product that's available to Northwest consumers.

Updates and payments

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About Starvation Alley Farms

Starvation Alley Farms is a 10-acre transitional organic cranberry farm on the Long Beach Peninsula in Southwest Washington. Of the 1700 acres of cranberries in production in Washington State, we are the first to be officially USDA certified organic.

Starvation Alley's mission is to support farmer livelihood and reduce the negative impacts agriculture has on the environment and communities.

Starvation Alley Farms was established in 2012, and is located in Long Beach, WA.

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