Tacoma Brewing Company is expanding to a new location!

After 3 years, we're finally moving to a larger space and increasing our production!

About the campaign

Making Beer, Since 2012
Since starting out of a coffee shop in late 2012, we have doubled in size every year. The goal was to start small and make beer that people liked. We are now brewing on a two barrel system (62 gallon batches) and are ready to double - or even quadruple - in size. Most of the growth this past year is due to our Broken Window IPA which was voted best in Tacoma during Tacoma Beer Week's blind tasting competition last summer. Production of Broken Window has eclipsed all of the other brewing that we do. With its low bitterness and exotic fruit notes, we simply cannot make enough of this beer!

Expanding in 2016
Our current space was never suited for making beer. It's a 109 year old apartment building, with apartment units above, behind, and below the brewery. Making beer is a very wet and messy process with odors produced that some may find objectionable, though we cannot understand why. Still, we have made due and completely maxed out every square inch of the space. Because of space limitations, we have barely been able to produce enough beer to supply our tasting room and a few bars and restaurants within a 3 mile radius.

Things will begin to change this year with the move into our new space. Located in an old brick warehouse downtown, we will finally be able to once again increase production. And we'll finally have floor drains! We're really excited about that.

Once in the new space, our goal is to expand distribution beyond the city limits within a year. To do this, we need to purchase the necessary equipment including a larger glycol chiller (used to keep fermenters cool), larger fermenters, bright tanks (used to clarify and carbonate beer), and kegs (they cost $100 each!).

Help Us Make More Beer!
This is where you come in. For as little as $50, you can play an important role in helping us make more beer. If we reach the minimum goal, we get to purchase a new fermenter. If we reach the maximum, then we get to purchase a new glycol system, a fermenter, a bright tank, and some kegs.

Building Community
Simply having more equipment and more space to increase production is not enough though. We feel there is opportunity to also help build community in Tacoma. That is why we will also be organizing community events such as singer songwriter nights, home brew competitions, and of course beer celebrations.

On the subject of home brewing, we will be rolling out a program dedicated to local home brewers. Home brewers will be invited to come in and brew a batch of their beer which will then be put on tap in our tasting room and around town! We know there's a lot of incredible beer being made in basements and garages all over Tacoma and we think it should be shared with the world!

Thank you for your support!

Morgan Alexander
Tacoma Brewing Co.

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About Tacoma Brewing Company

Hand-crafted ales - with an emphasis on flavor!

Tacoma Brewing Co. benefits the community by providing fresh quality beer. The tasting room is a popular gathering spot and in the new space will be even more so, with expanded tap list offerings and special events.

Tacoma Brewing Company was established in 2012, and is located in Tacoma, WA.

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