TeaScape Launches Relaxation in Southeast Portland

After ten years in practice, my new venture will include multiple practitioners and an organic teahouse for the ultimate healing experience.

About the campaign

The funding support I receive from my community will directly affect the success of my business. Combined with the financing and grant monies awarded to me from Mercy Corps NW, this will not only help my business grow initially, but will also provide the added financial support needed to allow me to build a successful, community-based practice.

The impact of this financial support is immeasurable. Initially, it will give me the ability to simply open my doors. But at its core, having my community support behind me will help give me the courage and opportunity to provide the best services possible in return. Taking my business to the next level has always been my ultimate goal, which this support will allow, and finally provide the opportunity to turn the dream into a reality.

TeaScape began with a simple question: How do I make bodywork more accessible without compromising the integrity of highly skilled practitioners? The answer seemed so simple -- base the price on the skill level. With that, the foundation of my business model was formed. "First Years" will be the best of the recent graduates at the local massage schools, providing job placement and allowing TeaScape to charge a lower rate, thus making it more accessible to clients with limited incomes. "Junior Practitioners" have two to five years experience, as well as knowledge of additional techniques. This level will be offered at an average price range, and appeals to the client who simply wants a relaxing, healing massage. Finally, "Senior Practitioners" are those with more than five years experience, together with the use of multiple modalities. These practitioners will charge according to their experience and knowledge, offering clients not only physical relief through massage, but also help to those who require more in-depth treatment with instruction for exercises they can do at home to continue the healing process.

I am sure most of us can agree that, in a perfect world, we would all be receiving regular bodywork. But time, life, and most often finances, keep us from taking care of ourselves. TeaSpace's offerings give us one less excuse, and move us one step closer, to Sit. Relax. Breathe. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

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About TeaScape, LLC

TeaScape strives to educate people on the importance of stress management, to instill its value on all aspects of life, and to change the perspective of relaxation from luxury to necessity, thus affecting the overall quality of life. TeaScape is more than just a place to get a massage. Its space offers a comfortable atmosphere in which to experience and to learn total mind and body well-being. Our retail and reception area doubles as an organic teahouse, welcoming and encouraging anyone, not just massage clients, to take a moment and relax. The tiered pricing, based on practitioner's skill level, opens massage to a larger economic demographic, thus filling the need for high quality, affordable bodywork. At TeaScape, we can't stress enough, the importance to take a moment to Sit. Relax. Breathe.

We work directly with local massage schools to fill our "First Year" practitioner offering, creating job placement for recent graduates. We also offer insurance billing, which in most cases, presents the only opportunity to afford regular massage.

TeaScape, LLC was established in 2010, and is located in Portland, OR.

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