Working Capital for the Cafe that Walks the Walk

We enter 2016 with the goal of becoming a truly sustainable business for our community, our staff and - of course - our planet!

About the campaign

Hello Sweet Community!

As you may know, Chaco Canyon took a giant leap in the last year by creating our new commissary kitchen and bakery cafe in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. Many of you were instrumental in getting us to that point, and the love and assistance from you was what made that step possible.

As we have gotten Greenwood up and running over the past 10 months, we have experienced significant growing pains. It's a whole different situation to care for and nourish three locations and 80 wonderful staff members, and the transition has been a challenge for us financially.

But hard times provide insight, opportunity, and innovation. We've learned a lot, made changes to how we run the cafes, and are committed to further outreach and community partnerships as goals for increasing business over the next year.

In order to get us there, we are in need of working capital, which is why we're teaming up with Community Sourced Capital and coming to you. This working capital will help us increase our marketing and outreach in 2016, as well as help us catch up with some of our amazing vendors who we are behind with.

Chaco has always existed to support the community, and in turn you have supported us with incredible enthusiasm and generosity through the years. You are the most important aspect of our existence, and we are inviting you to be a part of this great business by partnering with Chaco for this community loan.

We have this remarkable opportunity because of Community Sourced Capital, who has chosen Chaco to support in this endeavor. CSC exists so that businesses can access affordable capital from their community, which is something we need right now to be able to get back to being a sustainable business in 2016.

Every dollar lent by you for this campaign is matched by the Fund Local Matching Capital Program, doubling your generosity and its impact on Chaco Canyon. Each $50 you lend to Chaco will mean $100 for our business.

We will use much of this loan to get current with all of our fabulous vendors, including Alvarez Organic Farm, Stumptown, Tonnemaker, Charlie's Produce, and Macrina. The remainder will be dedicated to strengthening our outreach, revamping our website, and refining our message.

Thank you for considering supporting our community-supported loan and helping Chaco Canyon with a strong and healthy start to the New Year.

Chris Maykut

Co-owner and Head Honcho

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About Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

The Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe continually seeks to set the standard on what it means to be a Sustainable Business. We make all business decisions with the goal of having people, the planet and profitability in balance. We never compromise on our mission, and our ultimate goal of having zero environmental impact on the Earth. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and demonstrate this in the way we welcome and take care of customers and employees, donate to local and national causes that share our values, source our ingredients, and prepare every dish. We continually strive to not only show what is possible with a cafe, but to bring our values and mission into the community, to effect real change, and show what a difference one place can make for the world and our community.

We create compelling food options for underserved dietary communities: organic, gluten-free, vegan, raw, high-allergen, GMO-free, and locavores. We devoutly practice the triple bottom line form of business with regards to every decision we make about the cafe, and take environmental impacts of doing business very seriously in these discussions. We are fanatical about waste reduction and extending that conversation to our community; when people ask for to-go utensils, we have handed them silverware for 12 years (preventing over 500,000 single-use utensils from hitting the waste stream) and consistently make people pause in their daily routines to think about waste. Additionally, we don't have customer waste cans, instead asking people to put all waste in our bus tubs so we can properly sort in back and maximize proper waste flows. We were awarded the WSRA Recycler of the Year award in the small business division in 2014. Recognizing that the people in our community who need our food the most often cannot afford it, we debuted the Community Bowl in 2013. This is a nourishing bowl of warm brown rice, vegetables, and sauce served with a piece of fruit that is available on a sliding scale basis - or free - to anyone in our community every day. Not a week goes by that we don't get a hand-written letter of thanks from someone who was cold, hungry, or just in need of being treated with dignity. Lastly, we're deeply committed to our staff. They work hard, play hard, and it is our stated intention for them to have a joyful and empowering work experience at Chaco Canyon. So many people come on to our staff with the idea that work is something to be borne like a burden, and we try and show people that they can be themselves, be a contribution, and not have to sacrifice what's important to them in order to be in the working world. We also have a program (the "Chaco Life Enhancement Program") that tracks what goals our employees have outside of the cafe, and we are committed to them realizing those goals - even if it takes them away from us in the process. Our people our our lifeblood, and we treat them with the respect and care that one would treat a member of their family.

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe was established in 2003, and is located in Seattle, WA.

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