Beta Hatch

We farm insects to help grow food! Our insects are a protein-rich treat for chickens, and our frass is a nutritious fertilizer.

About Us: Beta Hatch grows insect protein to feed animals, and nutrient balanced fertilizer is a by-product of our process. Beta Hatch knows bugs better than anyone- we use our expertise in entomology to grow the most efficient and nutritious insects. We are currently farming mealworms from our urban farm in Seattle. Our Process: Our insects are grown on all-organic diet, sourced from local farmers and suppliers. The farm is an indoor, climate-controlled system that is customized to keep the insects healthy and happy. Our current species, Tenebrio molitor, is also known as the mealworm or darkling beetle. We harvest the larvae (or baby beetles) right before they transform into pupae, to maximize their protein and fat content. Frass, a technical term for 'insect manure' is a natural by-product that is harvested as the insects grow. We create local jobs in manufacturing and agriculture, and we support the local economy by creating new opportunities for local farms and feed stores. Our mission is to make the Pacific Northwest a leader in the emerging insect farming industry.

Beta Hatch was established in 2015, and is located in Seattle, WA.

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Beta Hatch is growing the farm (to grow more insects)!

We're expanding our farm to meet a growing demand for insect protein and frass fertilizer.