Britts Live Culture Foods

Britt's specializes in making naturally fermented pickles, kimchi and kraut the old-fashioned way - in oak barrels using unique combinations of fresh herbs and spices. The oak barrels impart a particularly delicious crispness and the assortment of herbs and spices create tasty and satisfying flavors. Britt’s offers eight different fermented food products at PCC, Whole Foods, as well as some Seattle area co-ops and grocery stores. Britt’s also provides seasonal ferments at Britt’s Pike Place Market location and at Seattle-area Farmers’ Markets. We are a small company on Whidbey Island dedicated to our regional community of fermentation fans.

At Britt's we believe in fermenting and eating vegetables which are sourced from our region. We use local, organic ingredients in our ferments when they are available. We love teaching our community how to ferment vegetables grown in their gardens or obtained from their local farmers’ market and offer classes on home fermentation processes and techniques.

Britts Live Culture Foods was established in 2012, and is located in Clinton, WA.

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Britt's Pickles is growing - Again!

Just when we have caught up our peeps buy more pickles, kraut and kimchi. We need more equipment to keep up with demand.