Caffe Santoro

We are your local brand of coffee cafés that see our mission in the people we serve. Our greatest resource and our greatest contribution has been our ability to see our mission accomplished through our investment in our team. Our mission? Bringing our guests a place that they can truly say is theirs. Our vision is to see as many local communities in the El Dorado county region and even stretching to Sacramento County embrace our concept of community invested cafés. How? As stated in the opening sentence, through the people we serve. Who are those? Our Team and our Guests! Our team learns how to treat people, fellow team mates and our guests, while delighting customers with great tasting drinks and food.

1. You need to meet a client or friend without feeling like you're going to take up space you come to Caffe Santoro! 2. You want to have your kid have a first job that they'll remember for their whole lives and be equipped with life skills that will serve them in all areas of life, you want them working at Caffe Santoro. 3. You have a need for coffee and coffee related products and like the idea of your dollars staying in your community but you also want the product to be AMAZING and not feel like your guilted into propping up a poorly run business, you go to Caffe Santoro!

Caffe Santoro was established in 2008, and is located in Cameron Park, CA.

Caffe Santoro's campaigns:

We want to introduce and expand Caffe Santoro Part Two!

We have opened our second cafe and it needs capital improvements to the facility and some additional equipment for operating.