Culture Club Cheese Bar

Seattle's first cheese bar! Expanding the success of Calf & Kid Artisan Cheese Shop, Culture Club is a full service restaurant serving the best of all things cheese along with beer and wine, perfectly paired flights, educational cheese tasting classes and Meet the Cheesemaker events.

Bringing more of the cheesey goodness everyone loves to Seattle! For 5 years Calf & Kid has proven that our community loves cheese, and wants to learn more about it every step of the way. Culture Club is the next logical step, providing all the things we are limited to at the retail point: perfect pairings with beer and wine, unique cheese dishes made with highest quality products, and our incredibly popular cheese tasting classes.

Culture Club Cheese Bar was established in 2014, and is located in Seattle, WA.

Culture Club Cheese Bar's campaigns:

Culture Club's Commode Crusade!

Culture Club Cheese Bar is almost here! We just need a little more help from you to build out our bathroom.