Learn With Linus

Linus is a revolutionary new resource designed to support and enhance private music education. Linus provides teachers with an online customizable bank of music theory concepts (written, visual, & audio formats) that can be assigned to individual students. Traditional methods for teaching theory include flash cards, worksheets, and theory workbooks, all of which either take up lesson time or demand significant extra work from the teacher. Enter Linus. Linus is an online software platform that we've designed with these specific needs in mind. We're describing it as "a music theory learning space." Basically, it's a highly customizable, easy-to-use program that helps teachers reinforce music theory concepts with individual students without taking valuable lesson time. Visit our website if you're interested in specifics.

One of our key values is our belief in the important role of the human teacher. From the start, we've designed Linus to support and complement real lessons, with real teachers. We're committed to supporting and enhancing the work that teachers are already doing through technology that helps them take learning outside the lesson time.

Learn With Linus was established in 2015, and is located in Seattle, WA.

Learn With Linus's campaigns:

Finalize Development and Launch Linus!

Help us finish development of Linus and get this exciting new resource into the hands of music teachers across the country!