Salt Room Yoga

Salt Room Yoga is the only yoga studio in the Pioneer Square and SODO districts of Seattle. Our aim is to provide a sanctuary-like oasis for students and professionals that offers high-quality yoga instruction. We believe yoga can positively influence and shape an individual's health, state-of-mind, emotions, and awareness, thereby contributing to happier, more productive family and professional lives for themselves but also everyone with whom they come into contact. Whether you're losing your cool in meetings at work, find yourself bickering at home, or struggling with pain from a sitting lifestyle, yoga can help you find and bring out the best in your body and mind.

We provide yoga classes in a sanctuary environment in Pioneer Square.

Salt Room Yoga was established in 2013, and is located in Seattle, WA.

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Salt Room Yoga is expanding - help us build out the studio!

After two years serving PSQ, we are ready to build access to our mezzanine in order to grow our retail store and offer expanded services.