Sweets by Jeannie

Sweets by Jeannie sells variety of homemade baked goods at the Farmers Market. We're opening our own brick and mortar location in University Place, where we will be be offering a full cafe menu and coffee! Coast to Coast Coffee provides all coffee products.

Businesses in a community help make it unique and give it character. University Place needs more than chain restaurants and fast food. As the community builds and adds new business adding local business will add to its unique character. The comment that has been constant when I tell people that I will be opening a café in University Place is always "good, we could use more places to go and eat and get coffee". We will also be selling and serving our own private label fresh roasted coffee, something new to the area.

Sweets by Jeannie was established in 2013, and is located in University Place, WA.

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Sweets by Jeannie is opening a storefront!

Sweets by Jeannie is teaming up with Coast to Coast Coffee to open the perfect cafe.