The Defiant Goldfish

We are re-opening the historic 1933 Goldfish Tavern in Pt Defiance at the far North End of Tacoma as The Defiant Goldfish. We will be a family friendly beer and wine bar, pizza bistro & coffee shop. We will be open from 7 am until closing time, 7 days a week.

The Goldfish Tavern opened in 1933 in an old Gas Station that served Gas & Candy. At the end of prohibition in 1933, they started serving beer. The gas pumps disappeared over 60 years ago but it has been the center for getting together over a beer in North Tacoma ever since. It is a residential neighborhood, so there is no place else to go. When it closed on Halloween 2 years ago, it left a hole in the heart of Tacoma. The Tavern was about to lose it's grandfather clause zoning exception when we signed our lease. It would not have been able to open again as a business. We had to get permission from the city to allow the zoning exception to stay. The Defiant Goldfish is THE community gathering place that can't be replaced. I would say that over 75% of adults in Tacoma know the Goldfish by name. This campaign will keep this gem alive for Tacoma and their families, and create about 20 new jobs.

The Defiant Goldfish was established in 2015, and is located in Tacoma, WA.

The Defiant Goldfish 's campaigns:

Final Funding Push for Summer at The Defiant Goldfish

The Goldfish Tavern's restoration is under way but needs additional funding to get open in time for the good weather.