Vessel Coffee Roasters

We want to partner with you. In fact, we hope to invest with you in a movement to fight against poverty in the coffee-growing nations of the world. We are investing 10% of roasted coffee sales into a fund to give continual microfinance loans to people living in poverty. Think about five, ten, fifty families and communities being influenced by the sale of even just one bag of coffee. Woah.

Currently, we are in the midst of building our flagship coffee shop. This will be a place to gather and share stories among neighbors, friends, and family. With it, we are launching a paid internship program for at-risk youth. Our goal is to provide a high quality internship program in order to prepare them for successful employment at any level of establishment in the coffee, food, or hospitality industry. We hope to create a place of community and change.

Vessel Coffee Roasters was established in 2014, and is located in Spokane, WA.

Vessel Coffee Roasters's campaigns:

We're building out our flagship coffee shop!

After the successful launch of our roastery, we want to move forward and build our flagship coffee shop.