Adrift hotel success story

Success Story: Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA

With dedicated focus to local products and local food, Adrift Hotel appeals to local customers and new friends from near and far. To protect its beautiful natural home, Adrift pays close environmental attention to every piece of its business and operations. CSC helped them turn that passion for community into capital.

The Adrift Hotel realized the impact they could have on their environmental footprint by installing solar hot water on the roof of their hotel, and when Tiffany and Brady set their minds to something, they do it!

An $18,450 loan from 181 Squareholders funded the installation of solar hot water on the roof of their hotel. What's cooler than that? The project was handled in collaboration with A&R Solar, a Seattle-based solar installation company that accessed $24,800 from their community via Squareholders, too.

Direct email to customers and contacting friends is the best way that Tiffany invited people in her community to participate in the loan. A newsletter that goes out to Adrift Hotel customers functioned as a cool way to update them on their environmental projects while also inviting them to the opportunity to help make it happen by buying a Square.

Casey and dave adrift hotel

Pictured above: Dave from A&R Solar with Casey from Community Sourced Capital at the Squareholder party for the solar project.

Celebrating success, and launching a second loan for more

To keep the love (and the clean energy) flowing, the Adrift held a party for Squareholders to check out the installed solar project on the roof. Fans of the Adrift who took part in funding the loan took the opportunity to check out project (and escape for a weekend). A discount code for a weekend stay was one way the Adrift said thank you to everyone who could attend.

And to keep the momentum going on community engagement, the Adrift launched a second loan campaign after repaying their first $18,450 loan in about a year. This second loan helped add solar photovoltaics to the roof of the hotel as well. And since there was already capital in the system that had been repaid, Squareholders were just a click away from re-lending their repayments to the second loan. 70% of the capital in the second loan came from people who participated in the first one, which made the fundraising for the second loan pretty easy.

Their second loan should be repaid in full by the end of 2015, and maybe they'll launch a third for even more solar!